Recommended Software/Games

These are the Software/Games that are recommended for the team and are approved by the team:

  • Team Viewer TV Download
  • Star Conflict (On Steam) SC Web Page
  • Battle Star Galactica (Web Browser game) BSGO (Server Aquaria, Colonial side)
  • Need for Speed World (On Origin) NFSW Web Page
  • Kerbal Space Program (On Steam) KSP Web Page
  • Minecraft MC Download
  • Superstar Racing S*R Download
  • Moon Base Alpha (On Steam) MBA Web Page
  • All of the “Sim Cities” Yes all the SIM City Games are allowed in the corporation!!!
  • The [JungC] Has now accepted all traditional racing games that include ONLY racing and are rated E for everyone. Example: a vehicle vs another vehicle.
  • Any traditional soccer, Baseball, Cricket, golf, and basketball games.

Corporation Team Zones

Please visit your teams’ online locations &, “like” your team on Facebook, and feel free to comment, help promote your team. 🙂

Main Website/Groups ect:

Jungfaha Corporation Web Site

Steam Group [JungC]

Our StarConflict Forums

[JungC] StarConflict

Need For Speed Forums

[JungC] Need for Speed World

Battle Star Galactica Forums

Our Minecraft Server Main Forum.

A Small Simple Server

Our Facebook Page

[JungC] Facebook

Kerbal SPace Program

KSP [JungC]

When ever you do make an account on these forums be sure to use this image below as your signature, thank you. 🙂


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