JCNN Raffle


On the 12th of May we will be having a raffle at 5 pm(CST)(UTC-6). This will be a structured giveaway. Prizes will be given on a first come first serve basis, and if more than one person wants a specific game a mini-raffle will be held between them to determine who gets the game. The four prizes are: Minecraft, A $10 gift card, Anno 2070, and A random dlc for star conflict. Jung will decide who the gift card goes to. Join us on teamspeak for more info, see you there!

Phase 4, All Steam Ahead!Take2


On the 5th of May everyone whom is ready for phase 4 should meet on the JungC Teamspeak. We will be working together in order to finalize those who wish be part of the JungC.

The process starts at 5 PM(CST)(UTC-6). See you there!

All moderators and admins should also be present during this time!

P.S. The last meeting was cancelled due to our head admin having a family casualty.

JungC Update!

The JungC has updated Part 5 of the evaluation for Phase 3 of the Membership Application & updated the ‘Game Strike System’ to ‘Game Approval System’ (G.A.S.). For more information, join the JungC TeamSpeak. Thank you for your support.


G.A.S. Document link here! ~ Jungfaha

Raffle for the Month of March

Win a Prize with the JungC monthy Raffle!

The JungC will be holding a raffle this Friday, April 7th, at 8 PM(CST)(UTC-6) for those who have been active during the month of March! Get on the JungC TeamSpeak to be a winner as well, for a chance of up to $55 worth of DLCs and/or games from Steam.

By being in the JungC Teamspeak even the afk or solo rooms and have 30-60 hrs a week your name will be put into a raffle every month! And you can win one of the following prizes, http://i.imgur.com/w5eW4JB.png.

February Raffle Winner!

Win a Prize with the JungC monthy Raffle!

The winner of February’s raffle is Arkalis! Get on the JungC TeamSpeak to be a winner as well for next month, for a chance of up to $55 worth of DLCs and/or games from Steam.