Welcome to the 'Jungfaha Corporation [JungC]™'

The Jungfaha Corporation is a place where people from all over the world have the opportunity to get together, using modern communication tools, and enjoy some good clean fun. We come together to converse about life, play games, and much more.

[JungC]™ Follow the code ~ ~ Be with honor ~ ~ ©™

The Code of Ethics is the back bone of our team and we will not tolerate those who do not try their best to uphold this Code of Ethics.

An online clean environment for everyone!

We are happy and very proud to announce that anyone from anywhere of any age* may join this community and not have to worry about vulgarity or anything that might be of a negative influence. If you have kids and you wish for them to be in a clean environment, while they are playing online, well this is the place to be. If your an adult, what more then to be able to express your self and not have to worry about being put down. As a teenager or child, how nice to be in a place where there isn't any peer pressure.

Your personal information?

We don't want your real name, nor do any of us want to know where you are from. The internet is a very dangerous place, so we highly recommend for everyone to keep your personal information to your self for your own safety.

A place u never thought could exist.

This is the place where you would go to escape the influences of the world, just relax and have fun. We are just people that get together to have some good clean fun.
About The [JungC]™

About The [JungC]™

The Jungfaha Corporation [JungC]™ WILL NOT tolerate people who cannot follow the Code of Ethics: Love, Honor, Respect, Diligence, Discipline, Moderation, Humility, Meekness, and Reasonableness. If you are not up to the challenge of following the code, or think that doing so is too burdensome, you are welcome to leave at any time.
How To Join?

How To Join?

Would you like to join a team of people that all agree to follow a code of Ethics and a common goal? Do you dare to venture into the world of Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, and Honor? Beware though, good things come with a cost, this will cost you time, dedication, and patience. Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready, to try being an honorable person, and interact with honorable people? Still want to join? Well then, please go to the page called "Join The Team [JungC]".
This Website is under construction.

This Website is under construction.

We are a growing team. We have lots to learn, edit and fix, thank you for your time and understanding. If you would like to help the JungC grow please meet us on teamspeak.
The [JungC]™ is NOT JUST, A guild, in A game, on A server. The [JungC]™ is an ONLINE INTERNATIONAL GAMING COMMUNITY!! The [JungC] in game & the [JungC] Community are two different entities. Thus allowing anyone to be part of the community.
*Minimum age 5 years old. Maximum Age 1005 years old. (Anyone under the age of 12 is required to have their parents speak with one of our staff members. Anyone older then 1005... well, sorry you're just too old. :)